Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission and Guidelines

Abstract submission deadline: 15th November 2017

The Scientific committee invites delegates to submit abstracts for oral or poster presentation (please indicate your preference) at ISSAD-2018. Please note that all travel scholarship applicants must submit an abstract.

Once reviewed by the International Scientific Committee (ISC), feedback will be given on acceptance of abstracts by 15th December 2017. Presentations of original data that have not been published or presented elsewhere, prior to the ISSAD 2018 meeting is highly recommended. We will also consider abstracts related to 2017 publications, contingent on compliance with applicable copyright laws with publishing journal. Authors are responsible for ensuring that there is no infringement of copyright.

For more information, please contact Karishma Naidoo on abstracts@issad.co.za

Abstract format:

  • An MSword abstract template is available here. Please use this template for abstract preparation.

  • Abstract title (limited to 30 words)

  • Presenting author’s contact details (full first and family name, identification number, affiliation details, e-mail)

  • Add co-authors (full first and family name, affiliation details, e-mail)

  • Abstract text: limited to 300 words (please check the word count using word processing software); presented in clear English.

  • Use sub-sections for your abstract text: introduction, methods, results, conclusion

  • All abbreviations and acronyms must be defined on first use.

  • Use generic names of drugs

  • One table or one graph can be added per abstract. Such table or graph counts for 50 words.

  • Abstracts may be selected for oral presentation (15 minutes talk including questions), “elevator talk” (3 minutes talk with no follow up question) or poster. Please indicate if you have a preference for one or several of these formats at the time of submission.

  • Abstract submission will close on 15th November 2017

We look forward to welcoming you for this exciting event!

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